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Power Plant Performance Optimization & Diagnostic System


Introduction: Power plants consists of various sub systems to generate energy. A real time monitoring software supports an operator to control various elements (heat rate, pressure, mass flow etc...) of machineries like turbines, boilers in the plant. The way operator wants to use the system is very important as system presents analysis by diagnosing values captured from Plant. 

Problem Definition
: The basic design and functionality can make system to work. But interactivity and aesthetic appeal is an essential element for a product to launch in the market. Existing software looks non-intuitive in terms of interaction and visualization. Techsimplified analyzed existing system and suggested to redesign user interface. User Interface maintains perfect balance of appeal and interactivity of the product with ease of use & simple navigations. Techsimplified spent quality time with the client to understand the industry, the product and the end users as well. 

Solution: Techsimplified redesigned the system to improve its performance by applying the concepts of UX user experience. 1. Existing System: Redesigned System: Decreasing number of navigations/screens without disturbing functionality is the main challenge in UX. Techsimplified achieved it and added value to the product after understanding the existing system completely. 

Business Benefits: 
Techsimplified enabled client to brand and position the product in the market. Improved user experience helped client to increase trust among end users and partners. Techsimplified contributed to the thermal power product by increasing its usability and performance. 

Conclusion: First impressions always counts. Techsimplified has done best job in redesigning the thermal power product with effective user interface.